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Dental Crowns in Oak Park, IL

What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are artificial dental restorations that fit over all or part of a tooth that is threatened by a cavity or weakened by fractures. They are attached directly to the tooth using a powerful dental cement or other adhesive. The primary purpose of a crown is to reinforce teeth that are otherwise compromised, and the secondary benefit of dental crowns is that they can enhance the appearance of those affected teeth.

How do Dental Crowns Work?

Dental crowns cover the damaged area of a tooth entirely, thereby preventing food particles and other potential irritants from entering into contact with the tooth. This isolates the cavity or other decay and prevents it from getting worse. It also helps to avoid pain that could occur when those food particles come into direct contact with a nerve ending in cases of extreme decay.

Who is a Candidate for Dental Crowns?

In nearly all cases, dental crowns are put only on adult teeth that have grown into the mouth fully. Otherwise, dental crowns are frequently used in patients of all ages and health levels, although they are more commonly used for molars than teeth at the front of the mouth.

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Review from Allie S.
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Five stars

Allie S.

Dr. Lim is the very best in Chicago. I could not recommend him highly enough! Him and his staff make you feel comfortable and he does incredible work.
Review from Kamila D.
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Five stars

Kamila D.

Very knowledgeable doctor, detail-oriented, dedicated to his work. I highly recommend it.
Review from Emilia D.
Five stars

Emilia D.

I have recently started visiting Dr. Lim for dental work and have had nothing but great experiences. I was hesitant in the beginning however, was won over right on the first visit. He is thus far the best dentist that I have visited. I have a number of dental issues and Dr. Lim and his staff have been nothing but knowledgeable and understanding about my needs; financial and otherwise. Highly recommend visiting the staff at Oak Park Dental Associates. The location is excellent, the staff is friendly and talented.
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Dr. Nathaniel Lim
Dr. Lim attended Northwestern University Dental School.

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