What Sets Invisalign Apart over Other Orthodontic Options? – Oak Park, IL

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Traditional braces served as the solution to people who want to achieve straight teeth. However, over the years, advancements in the field of orthodontics has emerged. These procedures promised to make patients’ teeth straighter in a more effective, comfortable, and hassle-free manner compared to the conventional approach.




Of all the various options available nowadays, Invisalign stands out to be the most popular. But, why is that so? Here are the reasons:

  • Invisalign promises to get rid of the hassles associated with the traditional treatments. At Oak Park Dental Associates, instead of using unsightly metal brackets and wires, we utilized clear thermoplastic materials which are custom-made for each of our patients.
  • Although the materials used for an Invisalign is plastic, it is not the typical one. It is called SmartTrack, and it is highly flexible compared to the other type used in some clear aligners. Its flexibility delivers a constant force on the teeth based on the treatment plan carefully formulated by the orthodontist. The force applied is much-controlled to lessen and even eliminate any forms of discomfort.
  • The appliance can easily be removed. It gives patients the option of taking it off when necessary like during certain activities or events to secure comfort and confidence. But to ensure the effectivity of the treatment, patients should commit in wearing it for 20 to 22 hours a day.
  • It gives the wearer the freedom to enjoy the foods they love without any restrictions and worries of breakage. For those who are wearing metal braces, certain foods should be avoided to prevent it from sticking on the appliance. On the other hand, Invisalign can be removed before eating.
  • There is also no hassle in cleaning the orthodontic device. If traditional braces require the use of special brushes, Invisalign only needs a regular soft-bristled toothbrush with a gentle soap. The aligner can be removed from the mouth to clean all its surface normally like the teeth. Just make sure not to use toothpaste for these may contain an abrasive substance that can harm the tray.

All in all, Invisalign allows patients to have smooth orthodontic treatment.

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