Straighter Teeth in Six Months? Yes Please! – Oak Park, IL

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People who are concerned about how their teeth looks would rather bear the imperfections than undergo an orthodontic treatment with unsightly metal brackets and wires that are worn for years. Thankfully, as technology advanced, the procedures and services offered in dentistry progress as well. It is now possible for patients to undergo an inconspicuous treatment that delivers fast results. Curious about how quick it is? Six months. Yes, we at Oak Park Dental Associates can help patients get straight teeth in just six months with the help of Six Month Smiles!

Six Month Smiles is a type of orthodontic treatment that also uses the same principle as with traditional braces by using brackets and wires. But, instead of unsightly metals, tooth-colored materials are used to offer a more pleasing and less noticeable look. Rather than spending years wearing an orthodontic appliance, straight teeth can be achieved in more or less than six months. The results are made possible by focusing the treatment on the teeth that are most visible when talking or smiling.


What is the Process Involved with Six Month Smiles?

Like any other orthodontic treatment, it would start with a consultation for the dentist to check the candidacy and condition of the patient. Once they are qualified, x-rays, photos, and impressions of the teeth will be taken and sent to an off-site lab that would create the custom clear braces.

After the fabrication is finished, the patient will be required to see the dentist for the bonding of the clear or tooth-colored brackets. It will be performed with the help of a custom-made tray to serve as the dentist’s guide for its proper application. For the brackets to be secured on the teeth, a special light will be used during the hardening process. Afterward, the archwire will be threaded to each bracket to complete its application.

Benefits of Six Month Smiles

    • Fewer dental appointments are required due to shorter treatment time.
    • The appliance used is discreet, so it is a favorable option for patients who are conscious of their looks.
    • Fast yet comfortable treatment due to the light pressure applied on the teeth.
    • Makes patients more confident to smile by correcting their dental woes.

Ready to start your orthodontic journey with Six Month Smiles in Oak Park, IL? We got you covered at Oak Park Dental Associates! We are located at 6711 W North Avenue, Oak Park, IL 60302.