Eight Questions You Should Ask Before Getting Dental Crowns in Oak Park

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  1. Dental crowning is necessary at certain points in time. Otherwise, it is not. Thus it is best that we speak with our dentist and clarify all doubts before going in for it. For one, we should ask the dentist that if our teeth are yellowed and stained – if it is better to go in for teeth whitening at home or in the dental clinic. Crowning may not prove to be all that necessary if it is teeth whitening that we are looking at.
  2. If it is teeth which are chipped or cracked quite a bit, then the viable question to be asked is if it is a good idea to go in for dental veneers. Dental veneers can be cemented onto the tooth surface, and they will look as good as new. Thus, in place of crowns, we can opt for veneers in certain cases.
  3. If teeth are rotten or are decaying, then too other options are available. One can go in for teeth extraction and replacement with dental implants. Implants can last the entire duration of the lifetime of the patient if they are cared for properly. Thus, it may be a good idea to go in for dental implants as well.
  4. Dental crowns or caps will give the shield to the tooth, no doubt. However, in certain cases, it is wise to go in for endodontic treatment or root canal therapy. This will restore the existing teeth structure, and one may not have to go in crowning, depending upon the condition of the tooth.
  5. At times the tooth is damaged to such an extent that crowning may not help matters. It is fractured so severely or badly that crowning in the existing tooth structure may not help. Thus it is wise to discuss prudently and cautiously with your dentist before coming to any final decision regarding this matter.
  6. Sometimes, dental crowns are not enough for tooth betterment. It is best to do away with the full tooth if it is rotten to the core. Thus, as mentioned above, it will be best to go in for tooth extraction and replacement with dentures or dental implants (depending upon which course of action suits the condition of the person more).
  7. At times dental crowns may not be needed if the damage to the tooth is not much. One can go in for other procedures to rectify it. As it is, for placing dental crowns, a bit of the tooth structure will have to be eroded away. This may not be a good idea in some cases when one can go ahead with laminates treatment as well. Also, ask the dentist about how long the dental crowning will last for.
  8. It is good to ask the dentist about the kind of care which is required after having dental crowns placed for making them last for as long as is possible. A good dentist will certainly counsel the patient about this to ensure that this procedure lasts for a long time without more treatment being done on the tooth or teeth.