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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the whitest smile of them all? It could be your favorite celebrity! Aside from their talent, wit, and personality, some Hollywood stars stand out because of their beautiful smiles. Well, they should thank their dentists then because these professionals had contributed much in keeping celebs’ pearly whites glowing. But before we unveil those celebrities with the brightest grin, let us at Oak Park Dental Associates uncover their secret first: Those perfectly polished teeth are actually the result of professional teeth whitening treatment!

Teeth Whitening

What is Professional Teeth Whitening?

Professional teeth whitening is not everyone’s typical smile whitener. Forget about strips, charcoal, and abrasive pastes because they are far from the authentic bleaching treatment performed by dentists. You don’t have to spend months or even years waiting for the product to take effect because, with professional teeth whitening, the result is visible in as early as an hour. Does it sound cool? Wait until you hear about take-home teeth bleaching. It allows you to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home!

Celebrities With The Whitest Smiles

Penelope Cruz

The Spanish actress and model, Penelope Cruz Sanchez, looks so friendly on TV and in person. Not to mention that she doesn’t really look like a woman in her 40s. The 44-year-old-but-still-youthful-looking lady’s secret? A white smile.

Emily Blunt

Astounding pearly whites are normal for our next celeb, Emily Blunt. Yet, she still opted to have her smile improved with a particular to cosmetic dentistry option – veneers. But we also believe that she always includes professional teeth cleaning in her oral care routine every six months. The said procedure helps remove slight stains on the teeth and keeps them healthy-looking.

Kelly Ripa

The shade of Kelly Ripa’s smile is far from her golden, tanned skin. But we can say that her skin complexion is a great help in making the actress’ teeth appear whiter.

Do you wish to whiten your teeth naturally? Make sure to observe the right habits. Practice proper oral hygiene, avoid smoking, and refrain from consuming pigmented foods or drinks. However, if you are not happy with the hue of your smile anymore, then it’s time to give professional teeth whitening a go.

Oak Park Dental Associates is here to help you whiten your teeth. Avail of our Teeth Whitening Services in Oak Park, IL and see how effective, reliable, and ideal the treatment is! To book an appointment, visit us at 6711 W. North Avenue, Oak Park, IL 60302.